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5 Thanksgiving Foods that can Stain Your Teeth

To quote a certain TV show, Winter is coming, and with it comes all the holidays. You can expect spending time with your family and friends, beautiful decorations, and hearty, warm food to get us through the cold nights. But, as your Lenexa family dentist, Dr. Viloria wants to make sure you are still taking care of your teeth during the holiday season. Here are 5 foods to avoid, so you don’t stain your teeth.5 Thanksgiving foods that can stain your teeth

  1. Balsamic Vinegar

    If you serve salads or artisan breads at your Thanksgiving meal, chances are that you’ll have balsamic vinegar to go with it. Unlike white vinegar, which is almost clear, balsamic vinegar is extremely dark and can stain your teeth if eaten. The easiest way to keep it from staining is to avoid it altogether. But if you must have your balsamic, make sure to wash your serving down with a glass of water and brush your teeth.

  2. Cranberry Sauce

    Thanks to the dark red color, cranberry sauce is one of the biggest perpetrators in stains. And, on top of the red, cranberries are very acidic, which can wear away at your enamel. Dr. Viloria recommends you eat cranberries and cranberry sauce in moderation, to avoid hurting your teeth.

  3. Red Wine

    Whether you’re cooking with it or enjoying a glass with your meal, red wine can stain everything! To avoid staining your teeth, avoid drinking too much red or white wine, and wash everything down with a glass of water.

  4. Fruit Pie

    While pumpkin pie is actually good for your teeth, blueberry or cherry pie can lead to stains. So, if you’re finishing your hearty meal with a slice of goodness, make sure to brush your teeth after. That way, you can avoid both stains and cavities.

  5. Coffee

    It’s really a no-brainer, but if you’re drinking cup after cup to stay awake through all the festivities, your teeth will feel the effects. Try to limit yourself to only one or two cups a day, and always make sure to brush and floss after you have your cup.

While this list does cover some of the best things about Thanksgiving, we don’t want you to feel like you are giving everything up. Moderation is key! So, have your pie, have your glass of wine, just make sure you give your teeth a little extra TLC this month. And, if you have any questions or concerns about your dental health, give New Horizons Dental Care of Lenexa a call! Whether you are interested in teeth whitening or a general cleaning, your Lenexa family dentistry will be happy to help!

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How to Prevent Cavities This Halloween

Halloween is almost upon us! You may already have your Jack-O-Lanterns carved, your costumes planned, and candy set out for the neighborhood kids. It’s a real treat to see your kids and their friends dressed up in fun costumes and enjoying the spooky night, but the last thing you want to see is a bunch of cavities at their next dental appointment! As your Lenexa family dentist, Dr. Viloria wants to make sure you and your kids can enjoy the holiday, but also keep your teeth free from cavities.Prevent cavities this Halloween

Here are 3 Tips on Preventing Cavities

  1. Make A Candy Plan

    Chances are that your kids will come home with way more candy than they need! Have them pick only the treats that they like, and either donate or trash the rest. Then, give your child the choice to divide out the candy, so they can have a single piece once a day, or trade them in for a non-sugar reward, like a toy. This keeps your child from eating too much candy at once and getting sick, and also helping them learn self-control. It helps to establish these ideas beforehand, and give your child the choice.

  2. Brush It!

    A regular brushing and flossing routine does wonders for the mouth, but it may not be enough to handle all the sugar. Encourage your child to brush and floss after eating candy. It helps to limit candy to an after-dinner treat, so your child can brush and floss after.

  3. Not So Sweet Rewards

    Dr. Viloria also recommends offering non-sugar treats, that your child can choose to get by trading in their Halloween candy. This treat can be a toy that they want, or a trip to the movies–anything! But, if your child still wants to have some Halloween candy, you can also offer to trade in their daily piece of candy for a sticker.

Don’t get scared of cavities this Halloween. Follow these three easy tips, and come in for a checkup at your Lenexa family dentist. We look forward to seeing you!

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5 Ways to Pack a Healthier Lunch

Let’s be real: Packing a lunch every day, whether it’s just for you or your kids, can be tough. It’s not easy to stay motivated to pack healthy lunches. If you don’t prepare your lunch menu far enough in advance, you run the risk of packing or buying a lunch that is loaded with extra sugar, carbs, and little nutritional value. Your Lenexa family dentist has some tips for keeping up the motivation and some healthy recipe ideas!How to pack a healthier lunch

  1. Preparation is Key!

    With a little extra preparation, packing a lunch won’t feel so daunting.

    • Make a weekly or monthly plan and do your shopping accordingly. Stick to that plan!
    • Prepare dinner to have as leftovers.
    • Pack your lunch the night before. This will help so you won’t be tempted to grab the first unhealthy, fast option you see.
  2. Prioritize Your Health

    One of the first things to helping you to stay motivated is to keep your health goals in focus. You will have more control over those goals, like eating more fruits and veggies, if you pack your own lunch. Think of how great you feel when you are eating healthy. Find a way that is simple and rewarding to you to keep track of your health goals. We know your health is important to you and it is to your Lenexa family dentist, too.

  3. Include Everyone

    If you have children in your household, include them in the planning and packing process. Let them decide on healthy choices to add to their lunch. Give them choices and opportunities to help out. They will enjoy it and it can create a great bonding opportunity for you and your kids.

  4. Variety is the Spice of Life

    Having a variety of foods in your home will help everyone pack a healthy, enjoyable lunch. Have cold options available in the fridge that are delicious as well as easy to grab in a bind. Sometimes we can’t prepare the night before, that’s when having a variety of healthy choices will come in handy and make packing a lunch easy, even on your toughest of days.

  5. Don’t Force the Food You Don’t Like

    If lunch isn’t something you like, then it will be a chore. If you wouldn’t be satisfied with it at home, don’t pack it for lunch. It seems obvious, but I think sometimes we force ourselves into eating something we don’t really like because it is “healthy.” Make sure you’re giving yourself something to look forward to.

As one of the best dentists in Lenexa, we care about the things that lead to healthy living. We know that packing a lunch can be tough but these tips can help make it easier. If you have any more questions about packing a healthier lunch, give us a call today!

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Get Your Back To School Checkup!

It’s almost that time of year, folks! It’s time to shop for new backpacks, notebooks, and lunchboxes for your family. But, have you scheduled your family’s dental checkup yet? Healthy and straight teeth will always be an important part your family’s. The habits you create now will not only improve your current health overall but will also help later on in life. Here are a few ways to establish good oral hygiene habits now and start the school year off right:

schedule your family's dental checkup today!

  • Get in a Routine

    Brushing and flossing is so important. Not only for your dental health but for your overall health as well. Brushing twice a day is an important habit that will benefit you your entire life. Flossing once (preferably twice) a day is important as well. Without these important habit plaque and bacteria can build up in your mouth and cause bad breath and cavities. Getting in a good daily routine of brushing and flossing can prevent cavities, bad breath, and another trip to your Lenexa family dentist.

  • Schedule a Dental Checkup

    The best tip we could give is to schedule regular visits to the dentist for exams and cleanings. We check their teeth and gums for any issues, get rid of hardened plaque that won’t come off with regular brushing and flossing at home and chat with them about how they can improve their oral hygiene routine. If we discover a cavity or other problem, the earlier we deal with it, the easier the treatment will be. Preventative care, like dental sealants, can also go a long way in protecting their pearly whites. Putting these practices into action will help keep your child’s smile sparkling.

  • Invest in a Beautiful Smile

    Contacting your Lenexa cosmetic dentist for a straighter smile for your family can be one of the best decisions you make. A smile says a lot about a person and builds confidence. Setting good dentals habits as routine in your child’s life is so important. Part of keeping that smile healthy is making sure those teeth function properly. If they aren’t straight they may be doing more harm than good. Maybe starting a new school year is just the jump start you and your child need to start investing in a straighter smile with cosmetic dentistry.

Your Lenexa family dentist is here for your dental care needs. Whether it be to establish a good routine and getting a dental checkup in at the beginning of the school year or investing in a straighter smile, we are here to help and make it an enjoyable process for you and your child. Schedule your family’s dental checkup today!

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Welcome to Our Blog!

New Horizons Dental Care of Lenexa is proud to announce our new blog! We want you to stay tuned for news and posts from Dr. Viloria and his dedicated team. Our Lenexa family dental practice provides experienced and compassionate care for your whole family!welcome to our blog!

What You Can Expect

In this blog, you can expect regular posts about all sorts of subjects in dentistry. We will talk about the latest dental technologies and services that we offer, like teeth whitening or preventive care. We will also go more in-depth about some of our more involved services, like a full mouth restoration or dental implants, as well as where they came from.

You can also expect to find news about our office and any announcements, as well as some profiles about Dr. Viloria and his dental team. We care deeply about each of our patients, and we want you to know more about us.

Some of our future blog posts will also talk about the latest cosmetic dentistry fads and practices, and whether we recommend our patients try them. Some of these fads and trends are harmless and can even be beneficial, like avoiding certain foods that can stain your teeth or using some natural methods for teeth whitening. Other fads, however, may not be helpful. We will explain why we don’t recommend these trends, and what else you can do to maintain your smile.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

On top of these types of blog posts, we want to make sure you get quality care from our Lenexa family and cosmetic dentistry. If you have any questions about our services, please give us a call today! We are happy to discuss our services in detail and help you make the best decision for your dental health.

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